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Language & Literacy 

It is an online language learning program that promotes the development of foreign languages & literacy for children aged 3 to 8 years.

온라인 영어 유치원

Bilingual Education 

Children learn English through a bilingual program newly developed and researched by AppleKids. We focus on speaking and communication. 

Live, Interactive ESL Class

Hands-on / STEM



Story Time 


Circle Time 

Elementary Basic Spanish

Summer English

Intensive Camp

Online Classes for All

It offers children ESL programs, with rich hands-on learning, sensory exploration, art, science, music and geography. All programs and curriculums are designed to help children learn English and grow into bilingual children.

Bilingual Story Time

This is a bilingual storytime where Korean and English teachers read books together. You can learn English and Korean Listening & Reading through YouTube videos uploaded every week.

Circle Time

Children can participate in the Bilingual  Circle Time broadcast on YouTube.

At this time, children can learn English and Korean at the same time through various topics. 


온라인 영어 과외
Admission Procedure
연필과 메모장
Application Form
Admission Notice
English Assessment
이론 준비 아이콘
Attend Online Class
온라인 수업
Home study
해파리에 대한 J
꿀벌을위한 B
Private or Group lessons
Step 1

Gather information about the student's academic background, study style, and goals.

Step 2

Understand the student's needs and select the best teacher.

Step 3
Study Plan 

Each tutor creates a study plan that fits the needs and schedule of individual student.


Our Roots


 What We're All About

I'd like to introduce the AppleKids PreKi
nder Online International School of A+PPlus!

AppleKids is an online English learning program for children ages 3 to 8.

We nurture our students to think, question, discuss and express themselves in EnglishAll programs and curriculums are focused on teaching English effectively, so that they can grow into bilingual children. That's the goal of AppleKids foreign language education. All learning activities are designed to harmoniously nurture children's emotional and intellectual growth. 

We encourage children to develop a passion for learning and provide a foundation for STEM skills in science, technology, engineering, and math. It also provides enriched learning in sensory exploration, art, science, music, and geography.

AppleKids' early childhood education encourages children to explore the world at their own pace. We support children to discover for themselves what they like to learn and how they learn.

In the reality that a new online world is opening up, AppleKids is striving to become the world's best online English prekindergarten. 

So, are you ready to dive into the details of the online AppleKids program?
Click the program page to find out class times, Zoom session timetables, curriculums, home study,
 tuition fees, and more!


Thank you! 

Why AppleKids Online School?


Children love the online foreign language learning of AppleKids.

Register now!

Online Class

Enhance Learning

We provides rich hands-on program such as sensory exploration, art, science, music and geography in English. 

Latest News & Events

We inform AppleKids news and events and update them every week. 

온라인 영어 튜터

For the Parents

There are helpful educational information, columns, and Apple Kids news to raise your child as a bilingual child.  

온라인 영어 유치원
투명배경 로고

Online Language School

Latest News 
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