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Bilingual Education

​" Bilingual education is

Being fluent in two languages

It's worth more than that."

"The core of AppleKids English education is

ESL professional programs and talented and passionate teachers."

AppleKids Online International language PreKindergarten

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​Bilingual curriculum

미국튜터 이중언어

The benefits of being bilingual children

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​Exploration-based learning approach

미국튜터 글로벌 리더십 육성

Fostering global leadership

​Bilingual Curriculum

Children learn English through our new and researched bilingual curriculum.

The English curriculum includes everything from words and vocabulary to reading, writing and speaking.

Students progress from spelling to sentence construction. The reading curriculum develops into English reading while learning storytelling, poetry, and nursery rhymes. Learning English includes:

  1. Speaking (Oral Preparation)

Conversation / Presentation / Storytelling / Vocabulary reinforcement / Speaking while showing pictures    

  2. Literature

Listening / Creating stories creatively / Introduction to poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

  3. Writing

Grab a pencil / write words and sentences

  4. Reading

Phonics / Reading words and sentences / Matching words by looking at pictures / Vocabulary of objects, properties, and actions / Reading books

We encourage children to develop a passion for learning and provide a foundation for learning basic STEMs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It also offers a wealth of study in sensory exploration, art, science, music, and geography.

The benefits of bilingualism

Bilingual students develop better cognitive and adaptability, advanced problem-solving skills, higher-order reasoning-thinking skills, and creativity . You will also have the advanced ability to create "more space" in your brain to connect meanings between languages ​​and cognitively store new information. Children studying bilingualism consistently dominate standardized test scores over students who speak a single language . Bilingual education is an ideal starting point for young students to adjust to the international environment and to succeed in elementary school studies.

​Exploration-based learning approach

AppleKinder develops basic academic skills through an inquiry-based framework that promotes discovery and creativity.

We foster children to think, reason, question, discuss, and present themselves in English

As students learn how to be part of the school community, they focus on how to express their thoughts and feelings through topics such as “Who am I” and “How to express myself”. Our English education is an educational method that encourages children to explore the world at their own pace and help children find out what they want to learn and how they want to learn.

​Developing global leadership

At AppleKinder, students learn more than English. They learn how to cultivate global leadership in the future.

From the summer semester, we are planning two more bilingual programs (Chinese and Spanish).

This foreign language education will help younger generations lead advanced lives in the future.

미국튜터 이중언어
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