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The online kindergarten curriculum focuses on English.

Weekly classes are conducted by topic. Every day, children learn about new topics based on the subject.

Classes are 30 minutes each and include:

  • Welcome song

  • Sing a song on a topic (Hello Song)

  • The lesson about the theme

  • Cognitive games and patterns, rhyming, and memory games that practice essential learning such as alphabet, letter sounds, colors, shapes, and number identification. )

  • Reading a book or party 

  • ​​English

The English curriculum includes everything from words and vocabulary to reading and writing. Children progress from spelling to sentence construction. The reading curriculum allows you to learn through storytelling, poetry, and nursery rhymes, resulting in English reading. Learning English includes:

  1. Speaking (Oral Preparation)

Conversation / Presentation / Speaking in front of friends / Storytelling / Vocabulary reinforcement / Speaking while showing​ 

  2. Literature

Listening / Creative writing/ Introduction to poetry, nonfiction, and fiction

  3. Writing

Grab a pencil / write words and sentences

  4. Reading

Phonics / Reading words / Matching words by looking at pictures / Vocabulary of objects, properties, and actions


  • Art

Students become familiar and comfortable working with a variety of materials such as pencil, crayon, paints, and clay in various techniques. Art provides a means of enjoying the creativity of others as well as their own. The visual arts program seeks to nurture creativity, problem solving, and self-expression as it relates to each child’s level of development. Lessons include drawing, painting, sculpture, and collage making.

Students will explore:

  • Elements of art (shape, color, texture)

  • STEM (Science Science, Technology Technology, Engineering Engineering, Mathematics)

1. Science

The science materials support the specific areas in Physical sciences, Earth sciences, Life sciences and other studies within this area. Science studies and materials enable the child to observe, explore and perform experiments in all or more areas of:

  • Botany - plant care, tree and leaf studies, flowers, gardening

  • Zoology - animal husbandry, animals kingdoms, vertebrate/invertebrate, life cycles

Life Science

Plant care

  • Nature walks

  • Living vs. nonliving

  • Life cycles

Physical Science

Sink and float activities

  • Gravity

  • Magnetic v. nonmagnetic

  • Color mixing

  • Weight/balance

Earth Science

Water properties

  • Weather/seasons

  • Oceans

  • Rocks

Scientific Reasoning and Technology

  • Observation skills

  • Science Experiments

2. Mathematics

Preschoolers learn to add and subtract by combining and taking away objects. They learn place value by seeing bead bundles that represent ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands. Conceptual understanding of math is the natural outcome of activities that allow children to manipulate objects and see relationships. Math studies include:

Concrete materials to explore place value:

  • Units

  • Tens

  • Hundreds

  • Thousands

Concrete materials to perform operations:

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Written numerals 1-100

  • Skip counting

  • Even and odd numbers

  • Measurement

  • Simple money

  • Time


  • Music-Songs and Dances

Our children will also grow socially as they interact with other children and a teacher through singing, dancing, performing, and playing musical games. They are collectively exposed to different sounds, rhythms, and stories that further enhance their musical awareness. 

 Frequently asked questions about the curriculum 

How are classes run?

Online Zoom Circle Time is designed to imitate the way children learn in the classroom. Every day in the classroom, teachers teach classes in circle time and then send children to a learning center to practice the skills they have learned.

Online kindergarten is designed for this. After learning from the teacher's teaching during the circle time hours, practice the learning activities at home as if the center hours were accessible.

Where can I get study supplies?

We designed the program to use as many household items as possible. If you have special needs, you can easily get them from stationery.

What curriculum is used in online kindergarten?

Apples uses its own curriculum created by director Sophia. The curriculum uses the US Common Core Standards, the American Physical and Mental Child Development Standard, and is based on more than 20 years of early childhood education experience.

Can I join the online class in the middle?

Yes, it is possible. You will receive Day 1 the day after you register! You can start whenever you want to join a class.

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