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Your Children will LOVE AppleKids Learning!

Parents want to provide meaningful learning activities for their children at home. That's why AppleKids has designed an engaging online English learning program where children can talk to their teachers and do activities with their friends.

Children learn English with weekly thematic songs, games, stories, and play-based learning activities.

Don't miss the chance to give your child the joy of learning!


Each class is 30 minutes long and includes:

Talks and lessons on the subject

Games - Focus on cognitive skills such as alphabet, letters, numbers, patterns, memory. 

Reading a book


Also includes:

You can receive the "Play Learning Pack" through the Google Classroom and continue learning English at home. There are monthly and weekly learning units by topic and home study materials for English writing, reading, math, science, and art activities.

If your child would like to apply for AppleKids, please fill out the registration form and email it to us.

Thank you!

AppleKids is an online English school created by Ms. Sophia Kim.
She studied and developed this program over the years, researching the most effective and fun way to teach English to young children.

A+PPlus has three classes, AppleKids (PreKindergarten), Youth (teenagers), and Adult.

What we put the most emphasis on is AppleKids. If children learn English before age 5, they can speak the foreign language as if it were their first language. This is why we focus on young children. 

Our educational goal is to grow AppleKids into bilingual children and grow them into global leaders.

It is a new online English prekinder school inspired by the early childhood education approach of Reggio, Montessori, and Waldorf. We teach literacy, project work, inquiry-based learning, and STEAM in foreign languages (English, Chinese, Spanish) to young children.

AppleKids was created with our deep commitment and dedication towards early childhood English education, and we hope to help other early childhood English educators. 

Thanks for visiting us!

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